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SaaS Application Development

Planning and developing applications using the right techniques, relating our solutions with your business’ vision and understanding the basic problems you’re solving.

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Highly Scalable Solutions

Designingexemplary & engaging user experiences, developing clean and clear frontends, building the best scalable applications, and managing them on cloud to ensure usability.

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Startup Setup Solutions

Closely working with ventures on their business ideas and modules, and converting them into full-fledged solutions through our state-of-the-art SaaS development services.

Our Approach

Software-as-a-Service Applications is increasingly becoming the power source of web-based economies. The application not only offers optimum power support to software & service owners by providing them with maximum software control, and it also gives users a plethora of choicesto instantly access the software.

YES I.T Labs has a proven track record of delivering robust and scalable SaaS solutions using the best and latest web technologies. From data collection to data preparation, developing predictive analytic algorithms to building data visualization solutions, there’s nothing that our experts cannot do. YES I.T. Labs also holds expertise in creating integrated bespoke analytics solutions as well as pre-built tools such as Pentaho, Tableau, etc. as per the needs and demand of a client.

Awesome Features

Integration and API Developers

For any Software-as-a-Service application to be effective, it must have the capability to smartly communicate with other third-party services, solutions, and data-sources. At YES I.T. Labs, we make that possible.

  • Integration with Third-party Solutions – Our solutions have the prowess to integrate with third party solutions via custom integrated APIs or apps.
  • Custom API Development – As one of the leading SaaS application development company in USA, we build custom APIs for apps which enable easy data exchange.
  • Integration with Data Source – We design and develop tailored solutions to help applications integrate with external data sources.

Cloud & Strategy

For any Software-as-a-Service application to be truly termed as an on-demand service, it must be backed by cloud space for it to sail. At YES I.T. Labs, we help SaaS application owners to easily manage their apps on cloud infrastructure.

  • Cloud Consultancy – From selecting the best cloud infrastructure to managing resources, we help at each and every step.
  • Cloud Development – We develop the best application solutions on Cloud infrastructure.
  • Cloud Scaling – No matter if you need to scale up your app quickly, we have expertsthat help you harness the best cloud power and even scaleyour app’s resources easily.

Proposed Features


Backed by creative minds that know no limits, we cover all OS platforms decked with latest technologies.

YES I.T. Labs offers an insightful expertise in mobile app development by building native and cross-platform mobile applications which seamlessly work across a multitude of devices or OS platforms. As one of the leading custom mobile application development companies in the USA, we offer secure, sustainable, and highly scalable solutions to our customers.

Android Phone
Android Tablet
Android Phone
Android Tablet
Android Tv
Apple Tv

Sign up & Users

Building flawless apps in line with user experience and server side usability.

With a state-of-the-art development setup, we, at YES I.T. Labs, aim to offer robust and secure mobile app development services and solutions to our clients for a variety of devices including, smartphones and tablets. We excel in building mobile application solutions which are not only user-friendly, but easy for the clients to manage at their backend, as well.

Email / Password Sign Up
White labelling
Android Phone
Multi domains / sub domains
User Invitation Emails

Mobile App Features

Functional and non-functional mobile app features that satisfy a business’s goals.

Right from early performance testing to ensure ultimate reliability and scalability, to developing a flexible architecture for new features and third-party integrations, there’s nothing that we cannot do. We hold expertise in developing hi-load web backends which can handle any and every kind of traffic in-flow. We also take pride as being one of those mobile app development companies in USA which build blazing-fast, lightweight mobile frontends that are optimized for long battery life.

Transactional Emails
Ratings or reviews
Audio/Video processing
Transactional Emails
Ratings or reviews
Audio/Video processing
Connect to one or more third party services
SMS Messaging
Two Factor Authentication

Dates & Locations

Integration of value-based approachto help our clients sustain and flourish in the market.

From extremely intuitive features to basics like bookings, calendars/invitations, geo location tracking, and mapping events, we can add any and every kind of feature that an app demands. We’re well-versed in terms of offering the best-in-class features in-line with your business’ needs.

Calendar / Invitation
Geo Location Tracking
Map Based

User & Social Engagement

Integrated user & social engagement forums that put a business in front of its righteous audience.

Another forte that we hold expertise in. We can build the best users and social engagement platforms for businesses across a multitude of industries. Our current work includes, building message centers, social sharing platforms, and much more.

Message Center
Forums / Blog / Comments
Social Sharing
FB Open Graph (Push)

Payment / Ecommerce

Secure and streamlined payment &ecommerce platforms giving businesses a competitive edge.

At YES I.T. Labs, we build excellent and exclusive payment and ecommerce websites for start-ups, retailers, merchants, enterprises, and brands. Our solutions are tailor-made according to a client’s unique requirements and ensure they bring effective results. Over the years, we’ve built many payment and ecommerce websites for many industry verticals,including apparels, real estate, healthcare, retail, travel, financial services, and more.

Subscription plans
Shopping Cart
Marketplace (User)

Web Features

Functional and visually stunning web features that promise high performance and scalable solutions for fast-growing businesses like yours.

Onboarding a group of passionate professionals with a knack for identifying the best possible opportunities and skills, we turn even an ordinary idea into a powerful website. No matter if your goal is to simply increase your online sales, boost your brand’s presence, or bring about a change in your marketing strategy, our goal-driven approach allows us to provide web features and solutions that are best for your business’ growth and online presence.

From transitional emails to adding search and reviews & ratings sections, two-factor authentication, dashboards, activities, user profiles, audio/video processing, and connect to one or more third party services, we do it all!

Product Management
CMS Management
Content Approval/Moderation
Analytics / Data analysis
Performance Management
Multilingual Support
An API for others to integrate with your app
SSL Certificate based Security
DoS protection
Admin Pages
Error Handling And Reporting

What DO we know?

YES I.T. Labs holds expertise in the following technologies that help us create raw ideas into smart, profit
oozing business solutions!

Where DO
we help?

We’re not just restricted to offering our IT services and solutions to just a handful of industries, our
spectrum is wide and so is our experience in every field.