Codeigniter Technology

YES I.T. Labs excels in unleashing the appropriate CodeIgniter (CI) development framework for each individual client which enables them to overcome their web-based challenges. The company effectively utilizes MVC architectural design aiming at an economical web development.

It offers extended services which help in building robust, dynamic and web apps supported by unique features. The team lays focus on paying specific attention to different needs of varied industrial spheres of clients. It has gathered years of experience in meeting the clients’ long-term goals with the help of its web development projects.

About Technology


YesITLabs offers services in tailoring the security on CodeIgniter. It aims at providing customized development services to clients who demand detailed and minutest particulars to be met.


The team adopts MVC architecture into the framework so as to integrate the web projects with available software. This further ensures effective cross-platform functionalities.


The team ensures a smooth and speedy shift from client’s existing framework to the newly introduced CodeIgniter via its extensive expertise and technical knowledge.


The company aim is to deliver advanced global delivery models to its clients who can effectively put them to use for supporting and maintaining their industry-specific CodeIgniter web solutions.


Focus is laid on highly compatible web solutions and common hosting platforms.

Zero configurations are aimed along with giving an option of scripts in ‘config’ folder.



Ability to cater to different template languages possessing multiple add-ons/ plug-ins.

Specific naming and coding conventions for clients.


Our Solutions

We constantly refine our expertise over a multitude of platforms to solutions that help us drive success and minimize risk irrespective of a project’s specifications.

As an industry veteran, we, at YES I.T. Labs onboard experts that closely work with organizations to understand their vision, project needs, avoid unplanned costs and minimized the ROI at a later stage. We validate concepts, set clear expectations, and identify the potential bottlenecks to ensure smooth functionality.

Where DO
we help?

We’re not just restricted to offering our IT services and solutions to just a handful of industries, our
spectrum is wide and so is our experience in every field.