Node.js Technology

Node.js, a runtime system, used to build a network or other event-driven application servers. With a non-blocking I/O model and an event-driven structure, the runtime environment ensures to be efficient, thereby making it perfect for data-intensive real-time apps to be used across multiple devices.

Node.js is chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine used for developing server-side applications. It offers features such as easy JSON & AJAX communication, lightweight and simple modification, open source community driven modules, less parsing time, inexpensive testing and cheap hosting, real-time web socket programming or API and a number of packages and extensions.

About Technology


Embedded with JavaScript, Node.js enables developers to build both clients- and server-sides in a seamless manner, thereby making it fast.


Node.js enables businesses to handle more than one client with just one server, thereby ensuring scalable performance.


Owing to an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model, Node.js offers lightning fast speed. It has ‘callback’ feature that reduces the waiting time of the CPUs for I/O operation to complete.


Node.js is light chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine that enables easy architect design and deployment, making the business makes the most of the platform.


Unlock the free nature of PHP tools to design and implement scalable applications and traditional web solutions.

 Content management system

 Online store

 B2B/B2C marketplace

 Online marketplace

 Dating/Auction portals

 Social networking


Create and deliver easily maintainable PHP-based solutions that are flexible and stable to get integrated with a business’s existing interface.

 Drupal widget development and third party plugin customization.

 Supply Chain Management (SCM)

 Workflow Management

 Human Resource Management (HRM)

 Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

 Enterprise Portal

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